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This is a excerpt from my journal bio.

My belief system, if I can call it that, is neither an Agnostic nor Atheist, although both are very close to my belief.
An Agnostic believes that there can never be any evidence of a god, which confuses me because if there is a god, surely he can make such evidence if he/she/it wanted to.
An Atheist believes in no such notion of a god and that no evidence exists for such. Again this worries me in that every day scientist discover new things in the world around them. Just look at some of the discoveries of late in dark matter and quantum physics.

No, what I like to call myself is a skeptic.
This means that I have no evidence that a god exists, therefore until such evidence is found, I cannot believe in a god.
I am not saying, like an Atheist, that there is no god, I am saying that at present there is no evidence for a god.
I doubt many people care about such a subtle difference but I do. It is the difference between being so sure of yourself that you may end up overlooking the evidence and having a belief that is willing to change as new evidence comes to light.

And that, in a nutshell is what I have against most religions, the inability to change as the world changes around them.

I am currently a Skeptic, and I shall remain a skeptic in all things that I have no evidence for.


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